Coventry NY Highway Department

Richard Granger, Town Highway Superintendent
Cell Phone 607- 238-6521

Town of Coventry Highway Dept. Mission Statement
The Mission of The Town of Coventry Highway Department is to provide year round, all weather service to our community, and to enable our neighbors and guest to enjoy the uniqueness of our area in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Our goal is to fulfill the expectations of our community in the ongoing struggle against the forces of Mother Nature's winter, with a combination of professionalism, knowledge and tenacity that our entire Township will benefit from.

We firmly believe that open, honest and civil communication from and to our Department causes greater awareness and understanding of problems and the actions needed for solutions. Communication requires as much give as take.

We believe in ourselves and each other, therefore we believe that what any individual may do reflects on the whole group, and we strive to make that reflection a positive one.

Snow Storm Events:
Because of the diversity of storms and the high cost of equipment and labor, the Town cannot economically justify removal of all snow accumulations from the roads during each storm event. Snowpack is sometimes left as a drivable roadway surface requiring snow tires. Snowpack removal is generally accomplished after the storm has run its course. Because there are many variables in a storm which include duration and intensity, the Town may not plow and sand roads at the same time. Limited sanding is done during a snowfall because falling snow covers the sand and it is then scraped away on subsequent plowing passes. This then requires additional sanding and that is just not cost effective. During snow events, snow removal operations may be conducted 24 hours a day. Patching holes in road surfaces during winter operations is considered temporary. Coventry's extreme weather conditions such as freezing and thawing, as well as plowing contributes to roadway damages. This is an ongoing condition which we do our best to prevent and correct as soon as possible.

Snow Removal Schedules:
We receive calls every year suggesting that we coordinate our plow schedules with nearby Townships and private snow removal companies. Residents become very frustrated when they've spent a great deal of time and energy removing snow and berms from their driveway, only to have the plow truck pass by and fill it back in. We apologize for this inconvenience as it cannot be avoided. Also remember it is illegal to push snow into or across any and all Town roads. There is however many significant factors which may alter a plow trucks route in an instant. For example, Law enforcement priorities may cause us to have to reschedule one or more of our plows in an emergency situation. Single or multiple vehicle accidents and vehicles stranded may block traffic and plows from passing. High winds can produce large drifts that are impassable with truck equipment and may need larger equipment to continue the scheduled route. Equipment breakdowns can force a plow truck to return to the shop for repairs before continuing its route.

Communication between the Town Highway Department and residents can be enhanced through the characterization of the storm events. Here are some general examples of snow events to provide an idea of what can be expected according to accumulation levels.

Less than 8" within 24 hours:
This is the most common occurrence of our storm conditions. Roads are considered top priority with preference given to main arterials and School bus routes. School Bus routes, when possible, will be plowed first and maintained in a safe manner during the day. We have 5 different area Schools that enter our Town from all sides and all arrive approximately at 6:50 am. Immediately following roads, we plow the Fire station then Town Hall. In an emergency we may have to pull a truck off his normal route to ensure that the Emergency Equipment can make a rapid response.

Greater than 8" but less than 12" within 24 hours:
Snow removal on limited use roads and areas prone to high winds may be suspended until such time as normal operations are again possible. Personnel from other Town Highway Department and outside contractors may be assigned to storm related duties. The Highway Superintendent may close roads and determine detours as he deems necessary for public safety. This standard may also remain in effect for storm events of less than 8", when no room exist in the Town Right-of-way for plowing snow without the possibility of damage to Town equipment and private property.

12" or more within 24 hours:
These storm events may be beyond the planned labor and equipment of our Town. Storms like the 93-94 seasons require outside assistance and a general "DIG-OUT" of the town. When snowfalls exceed the ability of our Town crews to successfully perform operations, the Highway Superintendent, with concurrence of the Town Supervisor, may implement emergency operations. Snow removal in high wind, drifting prone areas of the town may be temporally suspended. The Highway Superintendent may close roads and determine detours as he deems necessary for public safety. If a "State of Emergency" is declared the Highway Superintendent may contract independent companies for manpower and equipment as he sees useful for the purpose of providing public safety.

General Winter Info:
School Bus route are given special attention. Snow removal personnel follow a scheduled plow route. Driveways may become blocked or bermed after snow plowing. Residents should set their trash containers far enough away from the side of the road as to not be buried during plowing. During storm events the Highway Department is NOT manned… so, In the event of an Emergency, residents should call 9-1-1. We will provide top priority to any rescue unit responding to an emergency. A previously scheduled doctor's appointment does not constitute a "Medical Emergency." Have adequate snow tires on your vehicle and allow sufficient time to reach your destination.

Remember "NO ROADSIDE PARKING" during winter months.

Mailboxes installed within the Towns Right-of-way are there at the owners' risk.

Thank You for your cooperation,

Richard Granger Jr. –Highway Superintendent